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Schriever Child Development Center
60 Hahn Ave., Bldg. 60
Schriever SFB, CO 80912
Phone: 719-567-4742

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Phone: 719-556-4322

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General Information

The Mission of the Schriever Space Force Base School Age Care Program (SAC) is to provide a safe and healthy environment for youth that is both educationally and recreationally enriching to their lives. Our goal is to promote creative, cognitive, personal, physical and social development. We provide care for youth ages 5-12 for active duty military personnel, contractors and DoD civilian families.

Program Philosophy: 
The SAC program offers a variety of activities designed to enable youth to reach their full potential and to become productive, caring and responsible adults. Youth have the right to be heard, listened to, and influence their choices and decisions. Their individual abilities, interests and needs guide the curriculum and activities. We support children’s individuality while promoting a sense of community and teamwork.

Program Goals: 
The SAC Program develops the Five Core Values for youth.

  • Character and Leadership Development
  • The Arts
  • Education and Career Development
  • Health and Life Skills
  • Informal Youth Sports, Fitness and Recreation

The curriculum and activities are developed to support these goals through developing skills in the following areas:

  • Foster a sense of positive identity and sense of well-being
  • Enhance and develop social skills
  • Encourage youth to think, reason, question and experiment
  • Promote literacy development
  • Build and enhance physical development skills
  • Support sound health, safety and nutritional practices and skills
  • Advanced creative expression, appreciation and practice of fine arts
  • Respect and appreciation of cultural diversity

National Institutions that support our program goals include 4-H and Boys and Girls Club. Youth have numerous opportunities to be recognized and participate in the core philosophies of these programs. 4-H and Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA) programs are available at all School Age Care Programs around the world; therefore, participation provides a continuity of familiarity for youth that move due to their parent’s career.

Certification and Accreditation of the Program:
The Schriever School Age Care Program has received certification to operate through the following government and private agencies:

  • Department of Defense, announced and unannounced inspections
  • NAEYC – National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • Red Cross and American Heart Association CPR Certification
  • Annual Comprehensive Inspections
  • Schriever SFB Fire Department Monthly Fire Inspections and Drills

Before & After Care, Breaks and Summer Camp:
The School Age Care Program provides care for youth 5-12 ages, 5 years old youth must have completed Kindergarten to attend the program. The Before and After School Care schedule follows the Ellicott School District 22 calendar which is in Ellicott, Colorado. Youth are picked up by Ellicott Transportation buses and returned to the SAC building Monday through Thursday. All day care is provided on Fridays during the D22 school year. Hourly care is offered for all surrounding school districts in Colorado Springs on Fridays, snow days, delayed starts, breaks and school holidays.

Summer Camp, Spring Breaks, Thanksgiving Breaks and Winter Breaks all day care is provided for youth. Weekly camps provide opportunities for sports activities, field trips, clubs, special visitors and developing relationships with other youth.

Enrollment: is the new Department of Defense (DoD) website that makes it easier to find child and youth care for your family needs. Using, you can find comprehensive information on child care programs worldwide, conduct a customized search for the care you need and submit a request for care at any time from any location. Families can create an account, search and request care, manage their requests and update their profiles on line for the SAC Program.

Once your family has been offered a position in the SAC program, you will receive an enrollment packet. Fees are based on income, rank, BAH and a 10% discount for more than one child enrolled in the SAC or Child Development Center. Your family will be required to submit the enrollment packet, LES statements or a current paystub and a copy of your youth’s immunization prior to entrance to the SAC Program.

Hours of Operation: 
The School Age Care Program is open from 6 a.m. until your youth departs for school and then again from the youth’s arrival from school until 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Friday hours of operation are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. The center is closed on all Federal holidays. Mission Essential members must provide a letter from their commander in order to require care when the base is closed, delayed or during extended hours during exercises.

The School Age Care Program uses the Military Program Activity Plan to ensure a quality curriculum is implemented weekly. The lesson plans support cognitive, physical, self/social, creative and recreation/leisure development. The following three curriculums are the basis for planning:

  • Boys and Girls Club Strategy – Belonging, Usefulness, Influence and Competence.
  • Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences – Verbal-Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Visual-Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical-Rhythmic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalist.
  • 4-H Life Skills – Head/Thinking, Heart/Connections & Caring, Hands/Giving & Working and Health/Living and Being.

Ability Adjustments of materials or techniques for youth of various/differing abilities and ages is applied to each lesson plan. The youth’s initiative and interests are instrumental in the selection of materials, topics and long and short term projects. Weekly plans include family involvement, visitors and special guests, clubs, community involvement and service projects and outings and field trips. STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, is a vibrant element in all lesson plans. Computers and the internet are available for youth to develop their homework and research skills. Firewall protection and staff monitoring ensures appropriate usage of this technology. Annual participation in the 4-H National Youth Science Day, Boys and Girls Club Fine Art Contest, Missoula Theater Camp, the Star Base Science Camp, Archery Contests, BGCA Wide World Day of Play, and America’s Armed Forces Kids Run provide youth with opportunities to develop as a whole person.

Family Involvement:
The Schriever SFB School Age Care Program has an “open door” policy, meaning that parents are welcomed to participate in the program at all times. Parents are invited to join us for a meal, field trip, base event or observe a special visitor. We highly encourage parents to share their expertise, such as their hobby, sport, a talent or their career experience with the youth. Sharing the diverse cultures of our program with parent participation creates an enriching environment for the youth.

Enrolling Youth with Special Needs:
Youth with special needs are welcome to participate in the School Age Care Program provided the program can reasonably accommodate their needs. Youth with speech impairments, developmental delays, physical challenges and medical problems, including chronic health conditions such as allergies and asthma, require additional supervision. To ensure the youth’s needs are met, a youth will be admitted with the written concurrence of the base medical advisor. A written plan of care will be developed jointly by the medical advisor, Flight Chief, Trainer and School Age Care Program Coordinator and staff. The plan will be implemented by the staff to support the youth’s ability to develop and participate in the program. If necessary, staff-to-youth ratios, the environment, and activities will be adapted to meet the special needs of the youth. Staff training will be provided to ensure the best possible environment for the youth.

Monthly Support for Families: 
Give Parents a Break (GPAB) is monthly free care for active duty military families. This is sponsored by the Air Force Aid Society and provides respite care to referred Active Duty members. A voucher can be obtained from Airmen and Family Readiness Center, Commander, First Sergeant, CDC Director or Chaplain.

Parents Day Out is held in conjunction with GPAB and charges a fee per hour, per child. Children must be registered the Wednesday before the event and there is a minimum number of youth required to implement the two programs.

We welcome the opportunity to support your family and youth at the Schriever SFB School Age Care Program. The staff is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care. Your youth will explore new ideas and develop their lives in a safe and nurturing environment. Call 719-567-2850 today for a tour of our facility at Schriever Space Force Base!